blue dragonfly facing the camera

Discovering Nature in the Sizzling Heat

What do we do for a real world ‘fix’ when it’s so hot and humid? Small doses of outside time within 100 yards of the lab. But there are awesome things everywhere if you look!

Things we saw:

  1. This uncommon yellow color morph of an oblong-winged katydid in the bushes:
    yellow katydid surrounded by green leaves
  2. A common snapping turtle walking on the gravel road by our pond. This one may have been too hot to care about being handled. (It was moved into the grass.)
    hand carefully holding a small snapping turtle
  3. And finally, this slaty skimmer (dragonfly) thought I looked like a good brookside landing spot:
    dragonfly on a woman's finger
If we get a little rain, the chanterelles are going to pop! That said, we did find a chicken of the woods and some black trumpets – check out the videos on our YouTube channel.
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