DIY Mushroom Kits

We are extremely proud to offer a low-cost, productive, and simple option for folks to grow their own fresh mushrooms without any special equipment or prior knowledge. Our DIY mushroom growing kits come with everything you need to produce your own delicious, healthy mushrooms right in your kitchen. If you have a stove and a stock pot, and can boil water, you can grow mushrooms with this kit. 

The mushroom fruiting blocks that you produce with this kit are equivalent to the mushroom fruiting blocks that come in our grow-at-home mushroom kit, and if you follow the instructions, you will get comparable results. But because you are producing it yourself, you can get a month's worth of once-a-week blocks for less than the cost of a single grow-at-home block. 

The best part is that you are, by following the simple steps in the instructions, involved in the entire process and are learning while saving money and eating like royalty.

Each kit contains: a filter patch bag with 2.5 pounds of dry growth substrate (compressed sawdust and organic wheat), a bag of spawn to inoculate your grow bag with, and a zip tie to close the grow bag after inoculation. Additionally, each box comes with a humidity tent, a roll of micropore tape, and a stainless steel clip. The spawn bags can be kept in a refrigerator for up to month before use, but we recommend that if you order pink oyster spawn you use it right away rather than refrigerating, as that species is very sensitive to cold temperatures.

Shipping is the biggest cost in this kit, so save money by ordering 4-6 kits at a time (you can mix and match varieties). The shipping cost is almost identical, so savings can be dramatic, plus you'll get a 20% discount at checkout if you order four or more.