The Fungal Network is committed to educating and supporting home and commercial growers. One of our core beliefs is that mushroom growing should be accessible, achievable, and financially desirable. We'll handle the part of the process that requires special training and equipment, and we'll show you how to take over from there.

Home growing can be done effectively and inexpensively, and commercial growing can be done with a minimum of startup cost and pre-existing knowledge. But like any successful endeavor, it requires dedication and the desire to constantly improve what you're doing. 

Our YouTube channel, also linked in the footer of the website, has an expanding collection of videos aimed at helping you succeed as a mushroom grower, whatever scale you are growing at. There are also videos to help you succeed in using mushrooms in the kitchen, and in finding wild mushrooms that you can safely eat.

You can also find a YouTube video featuring us on UNC-TV's Science show here. 

Below, you'll find links to more information including downloadable pdf files with information to help you in your growing adventures.


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