Wild Mushrooms

Here are some resources that you may find useful:

Our YouTube playlist of foraging videos

North Carolina-specific regulations regarding the sale of wild mushrooms:

The NCDHS Food Code has virtually no specific guidance, so they put out a position statement in 2017 to somewhat clarify requirements. The position statement specifies which mushrooms can be collected and sold, what paperwork and record-keeping are necessary, and sort-of says who can legally collect and sell wild mushrooms. The position statement references, as guidance for the state's position, a 2014 document put out by The Conference for Food Protections.


General wild mushroom collection guidance:

This document from the Association of Food and Drug Officials, put out in 2021 as guidance for officials setting policies on wild mushrooms is a great resource for anyone interested in wild edible mushrooms, whether as a personal-use collector or with the intention to collect for sale. It is very informative and data-driven, and is well worth 40 sheets of paper (front and back) to print out and put in a binder.