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All of our products are USDA Organic certified!

  • Bear's Head grow-at-home kit

    Grow-at-home Mushroom Kits

    An easy and fun way to get started in mushroom growing. No experience is necessary to grow a variety of mushrooms at home!

    Home Grow Kits 
  • Giving the gift of fungi

    Grow-at-home kits and spawn products make great gifts for the people in your life who love fungi and would enjoy getting started growing their own. To be sure of availability, you can order ahead and specify a shipping date in the order instructions at checkout. We'll ship within three days of the specified date!

  • Spawn products

    Our lab produces a variety of USDA organic-certified spawn products. In our store you'll find grain spawn, sawdust spawn and plug spawn of many varieties.

    Spawn store 

Growing mushrooms with a grow-at-home mushroom kit