What is a grow-at-home mushroom kit?

  • A 5.8 pound USDA-organic certified mushroom fruiting block, fully colonized and ready to produce mushrooms in your own home. 
  • A fun and easy way to get started in home mushroom growing: initial preparation after it arrives can be done in just a few minutes and, after that, you just need to spray water in the humidity tent twice a day once it starts fruiting.
  • The easiest way to produce your own delicious, organic food: you don't need a garden or a dedicated area in your home, you just need about 2 square feet of space on a countertop or a table.
  • A great learning experience for adults or kids, opening up a world of fungi.
  • A great value. Here you can find production data on the different varieties of our grow-at-home fruiting blocks, so you can see what to expect from them. And here you can find a summary of the performance of the most highly-marketed mushroom fruiting blocks, when grown as instructed and when grown in an ideal growing environment. If you'd like to see how we did the testing, the video is on our YouTube channel.


  • A humidity tent that makes it easy to maintain a high-humidity environment for the developing mushrooms while allowing fresh air for them as well.
  • Breathable tape to protect your fruiting block from contamination between fruitings, to extend the health and life of your fruiting block. If you follow the instructions, you will almost certainly have at least two fruiting events from your fruiting block, and most blocks will produce a third fruiting. Some have produced up to seven fruitings!
  • Instructions for getting started, with a link to more detailed instructions and videos, as well as a link to submit your own production data to add to our published data summary (which will not only help us in providing the most accurate information, but will also earn you a 10% discount on your next purchase).


    • A small amount of counter or table space in a room with natural light or bright artificial light
    • Clear packing tape
    • A spray bottle 


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